Arcadia Impact Report

— A letter from the CEO

2019 was an exciting milestone for our team as it marked five years since Arcadia was first founded. What began as a handful of early members in an excel spreadsheet has since transformed into a diverse community of hundreds of thousands of members from every state across the country who collectively are making real progress towards a 100% renewable energy future. Because access to clean energy shouldn’t be contingent on where you live or how much money you make, the geographic and demographic breadth of our member base is one of the achievements I’m most proud of.

We’ve grown in a lot of other ways in five short years as well. We introduced several new product offerings including Smart Rate and Community Solar. Our team has expanded to well over 100 employees, and our platform now integrates with over 125 utilities.

We are thrilled you are joining us on this journey, and we hope to continue to innovate and find new ways to make clean energy adoption simple and fun. While climate disaster stories dominate the news, I’m proud that our community is taking action to decarbonize one power bill at a time. Here’s to 2020 and to making it one year closer to a 100% renewable energy future.

—Kiran Bhatraju
   CEO and founder of Arcadia

Thank you for helping us make 2019 our best year yet. Here's a quick recap of all that we accomplished together.

Our clean energy impact

clean kWh added to the grid in 2019

In 2019, we added enough clean energy to power San Francisco for an entire year.

Read our 2019 REC audit
Our 2019 impact equivalent:
tons of CO2 averted
pounds of coal off the grid
cars off the road

We built a lot of solar

acres of community solar added
new solar gardens launched
job-years supported by community solar projects

Our member community

New York, Illinois, and Ohio were our fastest-growing states in 2019.

Members saved $$$ and CO2

saved in utility transaction fees
saved on members’ energy bills
average savings for households previously on supply contracts
average community solar savings
tons of CO2 saved by members on average

We improved our platform

app downloads
member questions answered
lines of code written
pounds of paper saved with e-billing

Our team

We expanded our team

new employees joined
sq. feet of office space added
slack messages sent
lunch & learns hosted
new Arcadians born

We made a few headlines

Additional perks include a user-friendly app showing my power usage breakdown and the ability to pay my bill to my utility via Arcadia using my credit card for no extra charge.
When the 41-year-old teacher from Missoula, Montana, went looking for a place to buy wind-generated electricity, she quickly found her way to a start-up whose model may point the way to the future of U.S. power: Arcadia, which uses software to match clients with renewable-energy providers across the country.
Arcadia and its fellow pioneers are leaders in using novel technologies to transform their industries... to shape solutions to global challenges and improve society for years to come.