We're going renewable

Bozzuto and Arcadia are committed to sourcing 100% renewable energy. Arcadia provides renters and homeowners access to clean energy from wind and solar sources across the United States, while also pursuing rate savings in select markets on their customers’ behalf. We’re pleased to announce that Bozzuto residents and employees can now purchase renewable energy and achieve energy cost savings by enrolling and connecting their utility accounts to Arcadia. Enroll now to help make the world a cleaner, more sustainable sanctuary for all.

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*Renewable Opportunities Available to You

Energy Procurement via Smart Rate, Wind REC purchase, Zero-fee Bill Pay:
  • DC
  • MD
  • PA
  • MA
  • CT
  • IL
  • NY
  • NJ
Wind REC Purchase and Zero-fee Bill Pay:
  • FL
  • VA
  • WI
Not currently available:
  • Any communities that are master-metered for electricity and/or where all utilities are included in rent
  • Silverwood Farm
  • Reading Commons
  • ConEdison NYC customers (temporarily)

Don’t worry – Arcadia + Bozzuto are hard at work identifying ways to bring renewable energy to your community!

— How it works

Connect your account

Take one minute to connect your local utility account to our platform and enroll in our clean energy and savings programs.

We do the work

We automatically get to work to find savings for your monthly bills and match your electricity usage with clean energy from wind and solar projects.

You save money and the environment

Rest easy knowing we’re continuously looking for ways to save you money while lowering your environmental impact with clean energy.

How can we do this for free?

We use the size of the Arcadia member community to secure exclusively low prices from clean energy suppliers and partners in your area. We only connect you to a new supply rate when it is lower than what you are paying, and we make money from our partners for connecting you to clean energy. We also have premium programs that you can upgrade to as an Arcadia member. These exclusive partnerships and programs make it so that Arcadia is available for free to anyone who pays a power bill.

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