Believe it or not, but understanding your energy bill can actually prove to be quite beneficial. Your energy bill is usually a sum of choices that represents various aspects of your everyday life, which we all usually take for granted.

Let us explain.

Your monthly energy bill is primarily influenced by four factors:

  • Weather
  • Living Space Insulation
  • Personal Habits
  • Amount of Occupants

Before we break these down, you need to know that making small lifestyle changes will go a long way in helping you reduce your monthly electric bill.

Weather’s impact on your energy bill

If you live down south, you probably see a small hike in your monthly payments during the summer time. Whereas if you live up north, you’ll probably see a small hike in your monthly payments during the winter time. During these extreme times of the year, people tend to utilize their utilities a tad more.

Which is why you need to take advantage of spring and fall.

During these two seasons you can make small lifestyle adjustments that will ultimately benefit you in the long run. Rather than cranking up the AC, crack open the windows. By not lowering your thermostat and using the nice outdoor breeze, you’ll be able to stay cool, while also keeping your energy bill cost-efficient.

Living space insulation

The quality of your home plays a major role when determining your energy bill. Strong insulation will help your home be much more energy efficient, which will prove to be cost-effective.

Proper insulation will keep your home cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter. Without it, much of the energy you would use to heat or cool your home will leak out.

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There’s plenty of things you can do to improve your home’s insulation. Fixing cracks and crevices around your windows, and using window blinds to prevent heat and warm air from entering your home, are just two simple ways to improve your home’s insulation. By improving the efficiency of your home’s insulation, you’ll be able to keep your monthly energy bill lower. Check out this wikiHow article, which will give you a couple more helpful tips for improving your home’s insulation.

Energy-efficient personal habits

Personal habits really comes down to your everyday routines. If you’re someone who likes to have all the lights on, then understand that chances are your energy bill may be a little higher than normal.

The amount of electrical gadgets we use daily plays a major role. We’re all guilty of having the TV on, with our laptops running, while surfing social media on our phones. It’s impossible to just stick to one gadget at a time. The problem is that in some markets, usage rates will vary depending on-peak and off-peak hours. So if you’re someone who enjoys watching TV in the evenings, then chances are your bill is being affected by those peak times.

Changing up personal habits can prove to be cost-efficient. Rather than using evening’s to catch up on shows, use the evening’s to do something else. Then when you have a morning or early afternoon to yourself, binge watch your show.

Amount of occupants in your home

If you live on your own, you won’t have to worry about this – unless you have people staying over routinely. But if you have a full house, then your energy bill will definitely be higher. With more people watching TV, using the stove, washing clothes, etc., it makes sense that your energy bill is bound to be higher.

Trying to schedule showers, TV usage, and computer usage during only off-peak hours may prove to be impossible. But certain day-to-day tasks such as washing clothes and cooking, can be done earlier in the day during off-peak hours which can help reduce your energy costs.

Giving tips about energy saving tactics to those that live with you can also go a long way to helping you become energy efficient.  Ultimately your bill is a conglomerate of factors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take matters into your own hands when it comes to understanding and improving your energy bill.

One last tip

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