Energy saving home appliances have a much higher efficiency output than standard appliances, yet many of us still take them for granted. There’s obviously certain circumstances that may restrict you from buying energy efficient appliances, like for example, living in a condo that doesn’t allow you to replace your appliances.

But if you’re able to make the switch, make sure you follow these three tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to pay top dollar
  • The Energy Star label is your friend
  • Take advantage of smart appliances

With these tips in mind, you’ll be running efficient energy saving appliances which will ultimately improve your overall utility bill.

energy efficient appliances

Don’t be afraid to pay top dollar for quality energy efficient appliances

Ever heard the saying, “you get what you pay for”? Well this certainly applies to your home appliances. When you begin your quest in search of the most energy efficient appliances, you might come across some rather expensive options. But don’t let their prices deter you.

You need to think about two things when you look at the price. The first is the obvious initial price you’re going to pay, but the second – which is most important – is the price you’re going to be paying over the lifespan of that appliance. The price you’re paying now is really for the long-term investment that will benefit you in the long run. With efficient appliances, you’ll be paying less per month over their lifespan.

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Let’s look at refrigerators as an example. Refrigerators typically last an average of twelve years, which means the amount of monthly payments you’ll have over its lifespan will be more than your initial payment at the time of purchase. With an energy efficient refrigerator, you’ll be able to save much more during that same lifespan which will only validate your initial decision.

The Energy Star label is your friend

Energy Star appliances are top of the line as they typically exceed the minimum federal standards by a great amount. They are also easy to spot as they will all have the Energy Star logo visible.

These appliances have shown their value to various household owners, which is why they need to be at the top of your list. Some households can spend over $5,000 on energy bills per year. That’s almost as much as the average American’s monthly salary.But Energy Star appliances can make a big difference. According to an article from the Matter of Trust Organization, energy bill amounts can be reduced to $2,500 per year by using energy efficient appliances such as the Energy Star rated refrigerators, and solar water heaters.

Take advantage of smart appliances

households spend $5k on energy

Smart technology isn’t just for our phones or TV’s. It now applies to appliances, since they now provide user-friendly technology that will help you improve your energy efficiency rates – leading to a much more cost-efficient bill.

Smart technology allows you to control and monitor your energy efficient appliances, even when you’re not home. There are plenty of changes which will be unnoticeable to you, yet in the end you’ll be grateful for.  Something as small as your refrigerator deciding to delay its defrost cycle until late at night, or your AC unit running slightly less in order to conserve, will benefit you mightily in the long run.

Take for example the Nest Thermostat. According to their own research, the Nest Thermostat saved between 10 percent to 12 percent on heating, and 15 percent on cooling, which led to an estimated average savings of $145 a year.

Energy efficient appliances should always be a must have, because in the long-run they typically prove to be worth the investment.