Support Services Policy

The Arcadia Support Services Policy describe Arcadia’s technical support for Platform Services clients:

1. Service Support. Arcadia will provide support services to Client to assist resolving issues with the Platform Services as described below. Support services will respond to informational and implementation questions about the Platform Services and all features of the Platform Services, troubleshooting operational or systemic problems with the Platform Services; troubleshooting API issues; and user issues with the Platform Services. Feature requests to add to a future update or release of the Platform Services will not be resolved with support services, and Arcadia is under no obligation to respond to or resolve any feature requests in any future update or release.

2. Access to Support. Arcadia will use commercially reasonable efforts to meet the applicable targeted response availability and response times set forth below. Client acknowledges that the time required for resolution of issues may vary depending on the specific circumstances of each problem, including, without limitation, the nature of the incident/problem, the extent and accuracy of information available about the incident/problem, and the level of Client’s cooperation and responsiveness in providing materials, information, access and support reasonably required by Arcadia to achieve problem resolution:

  • Business hours, 9am to 8pm ET Monday through Friday (excluding public holidays) via email or ticketing system. Any email requests that are not sent via the email domain specified will not be ticketed or categorized according to this Support Services Policy.

3. Severity Levels and Target Resolution Times. Arcadia will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide a response as described below:

*“Production issues” refer to the functionality of the Platform Services and do not include feature requests or service interruptions due to the unavailability of Utility Endpoint Data or other circumstances outside of Arcadia’s control such as (a) force majeure events, (b), downtime or unavailability of utility or Client data centers or websites, (c) actions of Client or a third party (other than Arcadia agents or contractors), or any suspension of Platform Services as permitted under an applicable agreement.

4. Unresolved & Resolved Support Issues.

A request for support is considered resolved if:

  • Client indicates the issue is resolved;
  • The source of the issue lies with a third party, in which case, Arcadia will work with the third party or Company (as appropriate on resolution).
  • Client does not respond to a query or request from Arcadia after seven (7) consecutive days.