Almost all of us pay a power bill. Every month it comes, and we never know exactly what it will cost, but what we do know: it’s usually too much. Not only that, 70% of Americans’ electricity usage goes straight toward pollution-spewing coal and gas plants.

But there’s good news. Arcadia is a free service that enables anyone with a power bill to share in the savings and environmental benefits of renewable energy - without commitments, fees, installation, or changes in your reliable service.

How is this possible? Many states passed a law enabling electricity choice in order to facilitate more options for both renters and homeowners. Now with renewable energy prices becoming lower, you are able to save money and support clean energy.

Using the collective buying power of 250,000+ members, Arcadia competitively bids on electricity rates below the cost of the utility price from renewable energy sources. The bigger the community gets, the more demand is driven for renewable energy and the more savings for members.

How is this free? Only once you are put on a price below what you are currently paying and the utility’s price, Arcadia receives a small percentage of savings.

It is easier than ever to sign up. Simply enroll your utility account online, and Arcadia automatically gets to work on your behalf. While all the work is done for you in the background, you are always in control and can transparently keep track of your renewable energy projects and savings in your dashboard.

Are you ready to save with clean energy? Sign up for free in 2 minutes right here.