Connect your utility account to clean energy and savings

Take 2 minutes to connect your utility account to Arcadia and lower your energy bills with clean energy. All at no cost to you.

Let us navigate the energy market for you

Arcadia finds and automatically switches you to lower rates while matching your energy usage with clean energy. We don’t replace your utility, we just help you save money.

How it works

Check availability

Take one minute to enter your zip code and provide a bit of information to see which clean energy and savings features are available to you.

Connect your utility

Enter your utility account login credentials to connect your account to Arcadia. If you don’t have those credentials on-hand, don’t fret! We provide the necessary resources to make sure you can connect with ease.

We do the work

Once you’re connected we review your current rates and start looking for lower rates. Whenever we find one, we’ll send you an email with the details and a chance to opt out before we automatically switch you over to the new low rate and start matching your energy usage with clean energy.

A business built for you

We practice complete transparency. Have the best customer service in the industry. And we make a little money when we connect you to lower rates, which lets us work for you at no cost to you.

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