A perk for our planet

As part of Biogen’s Healthy Climate, Healthy Lives™ initiative, Biogen is partnering with Arcadia to make it easy to power your home with renewable energy from wind and solar farms. Normally it costs $5 a month, but it's free for Biogen employees.

A shared mission

Biogen is committed to sustainable operations, which means providing employees with access to renewable energy. And that's where we come in.

Get 100% renewable energy for your home and receive up to $100 in Arcadia credit for signing up

Minimize your carbon footprint by averting fossil fuels

In eligible states, members can also support local solar farms

The app to track your home impact

Get personalized reports about your home energy use and environmental impact. It's accurate down to the kilowatt-hour and updated every month.

Explore your energy

Each month, we'll show you the solar or wind farm that's making your electricity.

Deep energy insights

See how much coal, oil, gas, and uranium you've averted each month.

Track your impact

Get monthly reports on how much carbon you've kept out of our atmosphere.

Bringing renewable power to the people

Arcadia is making it easy and affordable to power every home in our country with wind or solar energy. Our goal is to stabilize the climate by accelerating America's transition to clean, renewable energy.

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