Pay your Westar Energy bill without fees

Stop paying transaction fees and put your power bill on worry-free mode.

  • 0% fees on credit, debit or ACH payments
  • Earn your mileage and rewards with every power bill
  • Find savings and offset your electricity usage with clean energy at no extra cost
How it works

Connect your Westar account to Arcadia

Enter your utility account login credentials and preferred payment method to create your free Arcadia account and automatically pay your monthly power bills online through our secure platform.


You pay us, we pay your utility

Each month, Westar sends your bill straight to us. We apply any available credits to lower your Westar bill and send you one statement. 3 days later, we process your payment and pay Westar directly. Need to delay a payment? No problem, just contact us.


You save time, money, and the planet

We guarantee Westar is paid on time, help you earn rewards points and mileage with $0 credit card fees, and match 50% of your energy usage with clean energy. All at no cost to you.

Forget fees, earn points and save

Arcadia fee per transaction


Example annual breakdown on a $100 power bill
Transaction fees
Cash back on a 2% rewards card
Total annual value

KS Energy Mix

When you sign up with Arcadia, we match 50% of your energy usage with clean energy at no extra cost.

Natural Gas
About Westar

When you join the Arcadia network, you are introduced to clean energy options while still paying your Westar Energy bill. You can benefit from 50% wind energy at no cost to you, and we offer additional options to take advantage of more renewable energy opportunities if it’s of interest to you. Finally, we make sure that your Westar Energy bill is paid on-time, every time, with our autopay structure that removes the credit card fees you likely pay now.
According to data compiled from the United States Energy Information Administration, the following is a list of energy-related facts about Kansas:

  • One of the largest natural gas fields is US , the Hugoton Gas Area, is located in southwestern Kansas.
  • Accounting for almost 40% of Kansas’s power generation is coal.
  • As of 2017, 36% of Kansas’ power generation comes from wind power
  • Kansas’s ethanol plants have a combined production capacity that exceeds 500 million gallons annually, putting the state in the top-10 US producers.

Plus, enjoy these extra free perks

Automatic savings

Save every month on your bills with our Smart Rate and Community Solar programs.

Renewable energy

We reduce your impact by purchasing renewable energy credits on your behalf from wind and solar farms at no extra cost.

Energy dashboard

Track your bills, impact and savings with your personalized energy dashboard.

Certifications & affiliations
Arcadia is a service provider independent of Westar and is committed to putting you and the planet first. Arcadia is not affiliated with Westar and Westar has not approved this product.