Save on your National Grid bill with community solar

Get guaranteed savings on your utility bill and support local solar projects with no-cost community solar.

It’s your National Grid bill, just lower.

Up until 2015 in New York, if you wanted to lower your utility bill with solar, your only option was to install panels on your property. Today, thanks to new community solar policies, anyone who pays a utility bill can now get savings from local solar projects.

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No costs.
No commitments.

— What is Arcadia?

We are a new kind of energy service.

We don’t replace your utility and there’s nothing to install.

We partner with solar developers to build and connect you to, community solar projects in your area.
The projects send clean energy to your utility in exchange for savings credits and we apply a portion of the savings to your monthly power bill.
Your utility continues to deliver energy to your home but sends your bill straight to us. We apply your solar savings and send you a monthly statement with one, lower charge.
It’s free to you because we benefit when we connect you to a project.
Arcadia’s community solar program saves National Grid customers 5% on the solar portion of their bill.
How it works
Step 1
Connect your utility account to our secure platform.
Step 2
Sign up to pay your utility bill through us and we’ll reserve your spot in our next project.
Step 3
When the project goes live it sends clean energy into the grid and you see savings on your bill.
— Dedicated to you and the planet

Local actions, global impacts

Each Arcadia community solar project brings new jobs and revenue to the local community, while also providing subscribers like you with guaranteed monthly savings. But the benefits of community solar don’t stop at the local community. Each new project replaces the need for fossil fuels with solar energy, reducing the production of energy-related carbon dioxide and decreasing climate change worldwide.

Arcadia is a service provider independent of National Grid and is committed to putting you and the planet first. Arcadia is not affiliated with National Grid and National Grid has not approved this product.