Save on your PECO bill

Reduce your PECO bill and environmental impact with lower rates and wind energy.

It’s your utility bill, just lower.

Up until 1996 in Pennsylvania your energy had to come from your local utility. Today, thanks to market deregulation, customers like you can choose from an entire market of retail energy suppliers.

But between fixed and variable rates, binding contracts, and rate hikes it can be complicated to find the right supplier for you.

So we created a free service that does it for you.

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— What is Arcadia?

We are a new kind of energy service.

We don’t replace your utility and we aren’t an energy supplier.

We track the prices you pay alongside the market and negotiate with the suppliers in Pennsylvania to find you lower rates.
Your utility gets energy from the suppliers we find for you and delivers it to your home without any service interruptions or changes in reliability.
We only get paid when we connect you to a lower rate. And if your utility’s rate ever drops below the rate we found, we’ll switch you back to the lower rate.
Plus, we also match your usage with clean energy from wind farms.
Smart Rate saves customers on supply contracts an average of 30% in Pennsylvania.
How it works
Step 1
Check availability in your area.
Step 2
Connect your utility account.
Step 3
Get lower rates and clean energy.
— Dedicated to you and the planet

A 100% renewable energy future.

That's our goal, and that's why we hold ourselves to the highest clean energy standards.

Quality-ensured clean energy

We are committed to only the highest quality standards for the renewable energy we purchase. In their most recent annual audit of our purchases, Deloitte confirmed that all renewable energy purchased in 2018 by Arcadia met our strict criteria.

We never stop working for you.

When you create your free Arcadia account you unlock a lot more than just lower rates.

Match your usage with Renewable Energy Certificates.
Improve the efficiency of your home with tips and products.
Choose alternative payment structures to pay your utility bill.
Pay your utility bill through us with $0 credit card fees.
Arcadia is a service provider independent of PECO and is committed to putting you and the planet first. Arcadia is not affiliated with PECO and PECO has not approved this product.