Pay your PPL Electric bill without fees

Stop paying transaction fees and put your power bill on worry-free mode.

  • 0% fees on credit, debit or ACH payments
  • Earn your mileage and rewards with every power bill
  • Find savings and offset your electricity usage with clean energy at no extra cost
How it works

Connect your PPL account to Arcadia

Enter your utility account login credentials and preferred payment method to create your free Arcadia account and automatically pay your monthly power bills online through our secure platform.


You pay us, we pay your utility

Each month, PPL sends your bill straight to us. We apply any available credits to lower your PPL bill and send you one statement. 3 days later, we process your payment and pay PPL directly. Need to delay a payment? No problem, just contact us.


You save time, money, and the planet

We guarantee PPL is paid on time, help you earn rewards points and mileage with $0 credit card fees, and match 50% of your energy usage with clean energy. All at no cost to you.

Forget fees, earn points and save

Arcadia fee per transaction


Example annual breakdown on a $100 power bill
Transaction fees
Cash back on a 2% rewards card
Total annual value
PPL fee per transaction


Example annual breakdown on a $100 power bill
Transaction fees
Cash back on a 2% rewards card
$ 6
Total annual value

PA Energy Mix

When you sign up with Arcadia, we match 50% of your energy usage with clean energy at no extra cost.

Natural Gas
About PPL

According to data compiled from the United States Energy Information Administration, Pennsylvania has an interesting energy mix, particularly in regard to its vast amounts of natural resources. First, Pennsylvania’s gross natural gas production comes from the Marcellus Shale area, where nearly 5.5 trillion cubic feet was produced in 2017. This made the state the nation’s 2nd-largest natural gas producer after Texas. In 2017, Pennsylvania was the third-largest coal-producing state in the country, as well as the only state mining anthracite, which has a higher heat value than other types of coal. Nuclear power also factors highly in Pennsylvania’s energy mix, with the state’s 5 facilities producing 42% of the state’s net electricity generation—more than from any other energy source. Last, the state has passed legislation that requires 18% of the electricity sold by the year 2021 to come from renewable sources, which must include at least 0.5% solar photovoltaic power. Towards this aim, renewable energy accounted for 4.5% of the state’s net electricity generation in 2017.

Plus, enjoy these extra free perks

Automatic savings

Save every month on your bills with our Smart Rate and Community Solar programs.

Renewable energy

We reduce your impact by purchasing renewable energy credits on your behalf from wind and solar farms at no extra cost.

Energy dashboard

Track your bills, impact and savings with your personalized energy dashboard.

Certifications & affiliations
Arcadia is a service provider independent of PPL and is committed to putting you and the planet first. Arcadia is not affiliated with PPL and PPL has not approved this product.