Save with smarter rates

We don’t replace your utility, we enhance it by automatically finding you lower rates with clean energy.

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Why Smart Rate?

We track the market, you save

Stop overpaying for energy. Some states have open energy markets where you can shop around for energy prices. But these markets are riddled with complicated contracts, hidden rate hikes, and misinformation. We designed Smart Rate to simplify the process.

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— How it works

We’re not your average energy supplier. We’re not an energy supplier at all.

We manage your energy for you, make sure that you are on a lower energy rate whenever possible, and always with clean energy.

When you win, we win

We only get paid if we connect you to a rate that’s lower than what you are currently paying. Excellent customer service. No cancellation fees. No lock-in contracts.

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Smart Rate saves households on supply contracts an average of 20% on energy.

Average savings for Illinois
Average savings for Maine
Average savings for Maryland
Average savings for New Hampshire
Average savings for Rhode Island
Average savings for Delaware
Average savings for Pennsylvania
Average savings for DC
Average savings for New York
Average savings for New Jersey
Average savings for Massachusetts
Average savings for Ohio
If there’s a lower rate, we’ll find it
Step 1
Connect your utility
Connect your local utility account to sign up for lower rates and clean energy.
Step 2
We look for lower rates
We automatically monitor your local energy market. Once a lower rate is found, we’ll email you.
Step 3
Save with clean energy
You’ll get monthly statements with usage and savings. No cancellation fees or lock-in contracts.
Step 4
More members, more savings
The larger our member community, the larger the savings we can negotiate in your area.

Every member matters

Arcadia members across the country are driving demand for clean energy.

North Carolina
Justin and I have been using this for a few months now and I love it. Gets you a few dollars off your first bill, everything else stays the same. It's a simple, free way to help use clean energy.
I was looking into solar panels but was concerned, as a renter, what my landlord would say. As soon as I learned about Arcadia, I knew that this was going to be the easiest clean energy option for me.
New York
Guys I signed up for this. I'm making a difference & it doesn't cost anything extra! Support clean energy! Whether you rent or own, clean energy is now available for everyone.
Thanks to Arcadia and their innovative businesses model, I can finally take part in the clean energy movement.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Smart Rate product?

We monitor electric and gas supply offers on your behalf. We try to find offers that you are eligible for that would provide energy at a cost that is cheaper than your current contract and that we expect will also be cheaper than the standard offer or “default” service from your utility.

How does Arcadia find cheaper rates?

Our technology monitors the energy market to find you lower rates. We’ll take a look at how much energy you use and the price you currently pay, and automatically switch you to suppliers with lower rates or to a lower rate offered by your current supplier as soon as we find them. When we switch you to a new rate, we’ll send you an email with the details and you will always have the opportunity to opt-out of the new rate.

How long will it take to find me a cheaper rate?

It depends. For some customers, we may have an agreement in place with a supplier and can lower your power bill immediately. For others, we may need to collect a larger group of customers to negotiate a better rate with a supplier all at once.

Do you guarantee that you will find me a cheaper rate?

No. If you are already on a great rate, we may not be able to find a better one for you. We do guarantee that any rate we switch you to will be cheaper than your current rate and the standard offer service from your utility. If, at the end of any supply contract we enroll you in, you have paid more than you would have paid on standard offer service, Arcadia will refund you the difference.

What do you do if you cannot find a cheaper rate?

If we cannot find a rate that is both lower than your current rate and that we predict will be lower than the standard offer service from your utility, we will check and see if your current rate is higher than the standard offer service. If it is, we will return you to standard offer service.

Does it cost me anything?

No. We do not charge you for this service.

If it is free, why are you doing it?

We are paid a commission by the supplier if we switch you. This commission is already fully reflected in the electric rate. We only switch customers to rates that are cheaper than your current contract and that we predict will be cheaper than the standard offer service from your utility after our commission is included.

If you find me a cheaper rate, do I have to accept it?

No. We will always provide you notice by email before switching you and you can opt-out of the change if you choose.

What happens if I don’t opt out?

We will automatically enroll you and take care of the necessary paperwork on your behalf. You don’t need to do anything.

What happens if I don’t like the new rate plan?

No problem! We only work with suppliers who ensure that you can cancel at anytime with no termination fees.

If I cancel the subscription, will it affect my Arcadia account in any other way?

No. All of our products are independent.

Can I participate even if I don’t pay my utility bill through you?

Yes. You are eligible to participate in Smart Rate as long as you connect your utility account to us.

What States are eligible for Smart Rate?

Smart Rate is currently available in CT, DC, DE, IL, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, and RI. New states are added periodically.

What happens to my current utility bill when I sign up?

If you choose to enroll in Arcadia’s online billing option, you can pay your utility bill worry-free with a bank account or credit card (we don’t believe in credit card fees). Otherwise, everything else will stay the same.