Hit a home run for your power bill

Renters and homeowners, join a local solar farm for no extra cost and get guaranteed savings on your power bill. Two minutes is all you need to make solar your superpower.

Plus, Sea Dogs fans get an extra $100 toward your power bill when you join.

Arcadia and the Portland Sea Dogs present

Sustainable Sundays

Arcadia has returned as a 2022 sponsor of the Portland Sea Dogs. This year, we’re partnering with the team to bring fans “Sustainable Sundays.” Join us at the park to hear from sustainable organizations across Maine, including the Maine Federation of Farmers’ Markets, the Bike Coalition of Maine, and Teens to Trails, to learn about eco-friendly actions you can take all season long!

Solar is easy like sundays

Arcadia has built user-friendly technology, allowing you to enroll in our community solar program and access all the benefits of solar with none of the hassle.

Available to renters & homeowners

Thanks to state policy, anyone who pays a power bill can subscribe to a nearby solar farm.

Join in two minutes

We made it easy to connect your utility account to a solar farm, without impacting your electrical service.

No extra costs involved

In fact, you’ll receive credits toward your power bill for every month that your solar farm generates energy.



Enter your zip code and select your utility provider to see if our community solar program is available in your area.


With just your utility login credentials and payment info, we can securely assign your account to a local solar farm.

STEP 3: We do the work!

When your solar farm generates clean electricity, we apply the savings credits you earn to your utility bill — guaranteeing lower total energy costs for you.

  • Vy

    Arcadia Member

    Signing up for Arcadia was super easy.
I was able to join a community solar project in my state in just one click. Plus, it’s really easy to use.

Sign up for solar and savings

Take two minutes to connect your utility account to Arcadia and get clean energy and savings.