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Arcadia is a free service that lets you choose clean energy and save on your power bill. Join with Jess & Austin’s referral link here and you’ll earn a $25 REI gift card.

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We connect you to our clean energy and savings programs.

Our exclusive agreements with solar developers, purchasing power in the wind energy and retail energy markets, and partnerships with smart home companies allow us to connect you to clean energy and automatic energy savings without any hassle.

You choose to pay your utility bill through us with zero transaction fees.

Your utility company will still deliver your energy to your house, and read your meters - but you will no longer receive a bill directly from them. We make sure your utility bill is paid on time using your preferred payment method, apply any clean energy savings or charges, and send you one detailed monthly statement.

Everything you need to know about your energy usage, and the tools you need to manage it.

Log into your account at anytime to view your statements and manage your payment method, enroll in exclusive programs, and track your energy usage and impact.

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