Pennsylvania: Share your voice for affordable energy

Affordable clean energy alternatives should be easy to access. An important step in getting there is policy. Your voice is what matters. Send an email to support Senate Bill 705 and bring community solar to Pennsylvania.

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Senate Bill 705 would provide all Pennsylvanians greater access to easy, flexible, and inexpensive solar energy. Community solar is a clean energy model that makes solar energy accessible to people unable to install panels on their roofs. It is enjoying massive success in other states and already saving customers money. Use our form to email your state senator and voice your support.

Why this bill matters

Three things to know about SB 705

Community Solar

It opens up access to community solar, a model that makes solar energy more accessible to people who can’t install panels on their roofs.

Equal access

This means those who rent, live in multi-family housing, or in shaded areas would now have access to this clean energy option.

Solar savings

Solar power is less expensive than fossil fuel energy. Having access to shared solar can lower a utility bill by 5-10%.

Every account drives change

Thanks to Arcadia and their innovative businesses model, I can finally take part in the clean energy movement.


Justin and I have been using this for a few months now and I love it. Gets you a few dollars off your first bill, everything else stays the same. It’s a simple, free way to help use clean energy.

North Carolina

Thank you Arcadia for helping my family save $ while promoting clean renewable energy in a state with a long history of coal fired power plants.

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Guys I signed up for this. I’m making a difference & it doesn’t cost anything extra! Support clean energy! Whether you rent or own, clean energy is now available for everyone.

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