About us

Turning your power bill into something good.

Our story

Arcadia’s CEO and Founder Kiran Bhatraju grew up in Appalachia. The coal industry impacted the lives of everyone around him. He wanted there to be a better way to power our homes, and believed that if individuals could choose clean energy they would.

The early Arcadia team set out to transform power bills, the number one thing we think of when it comes to home energy. Today, our free service turns your utility account into a new account that makes it easy to choose clean energy, and puts you first.

Our purpose

A 100% renewable energy future.

It’s never been more important. We’ll keep innovating until we get there.

Our mission

Make clean energy an easy choice.

It shouldn’t be complicated or expensive to choose clean energy. We build solutions that make it an easy choice for everyone.

Community-driven impact


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Solar projects connected


Wind farms connected

We partner with wind and solar farms across the country. Learn more.

Meet our leadership team
Kiran Bhatraju
Founder & CEO
Kate Henningsen
Max Minzner
General Counsel
Alexis Juneja
SVP of People & Impact
Sourav Nayak
VP of Finance
Cliff Bernstein
VP of Marketing
Zach Axelrod
VP of Corporate Strategy & Business Development
Jake Lear
VP of Engineering
Chris Haines
Head of Product
Owen Quinlan
VP of Analytics & Data Science