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Arcadia is a tech company empowering energy innovators and consumers to fight the climate crisis. Our game-changing software and APIs unlock energy innovation by creating unprecedented access to the data and clean energy needed to decarbonize the grid.

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The tech to solve energy’s biggest problems

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Electrification is great on paper, but tough to make real in an energy system stuck in the last century. We have the solution. Arcadia’s platform enables energy innovators to automate and optimize their products, making energy use cleaner and smarter.

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Kick carbon
off the grid.

Arcadia’s technology gives your customers the power to clean up the electric grid. Help them access clean energy resources, time their EV charging to when the grid is cleanest, and accelerate local renewable energy development — all made simple with automation.

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energy usage. 

By optimizing energy use, Arcadia is accelerating innovation in an industry that’s been too slow to join the digital revolution. Our platform enables real-time data analysis and automation to help your customers use the least carbon-intensive, lowest-cost energy.

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  • The most comprehensive energy data available

    Every major industry has used data to digitize and innovate — except energy. With no consistency in how customer data is organized and shared, innovators have faced constant roadblocks. For the first time, Arcadia’s technology is bridging this broken system by revealing and standardizing data from 95% of utility accounts nationwide to create unprecedented access to energy data.

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  • All the solutions you need to build a better energy experience 

    Arc doesn’t merely provide you with meter-level utility data; it gives you the analytics tools to turn that data into smart, actionable solutions. All designed to be intuitive and stackable to drive value for end customers.

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Leading innovators of all sizes and industries rely on Arcadia to build better energy experiences.

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How do we know our platform works? We’ve spent nearly a decade building on top of it. It’s been battle-tested with more than 675,000 utility accounts onboarded, more than $440 million in residential utility bill payments processed, and more than 3.7 billion kilowatt-hours of clean energy connected to date. 

  • Jorge Vargas

    Managing Partner, Aspen Power Partners

    Arcadia's platform allows us to easily engage customers across utility markets. No other solution makes it this simple to manage utility data, payments, and reporting in one place.

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Our Story

Our founder, Kiran, grew up in Appalachia, a region heavily impacted by the coal industry. He knew there had to be a better energy solution, which is why he started Arcadia. We synced the first utility account with our platform in 2014. Since then, we’ve integrated our tech with utilities nationwide to unlock and standardize energy data, helping innovators create the products and services to decarbonize our grid and make energy cleaner and smarter, and helping customers around the country connect to renewable energy sources.

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