Unlock your platform’s potential with automated utility data.

Accelerate your customers' sustainability goals with minimal effort by connecting to automated energy data for carbon accounting. Arc provides utility bill and consumption data access from thousands of utilities worldwide to help reduce errors, focus efforts, and refine reporting. And best of all, the data flows through your platform.

Access essential data.

Arc aggregates historical and current data from thousands of utilities in over 50 countries to save time and resources. This automated access to monthly energy, water, and gas consumption data is essential to power accurate and consistent reporting.

Streamline data collection.

Eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual processes. Board new customers' accounts in a standardized digital format and take advantage of seamlessly imported energy data for carbon accounting software.

Ensure accuracy and auditability

Feel more confident in SLAs for any framework, customer requirement or reporting mandate. Arc provides traceability for emissions reporting back to the original bill.

Power your business with our products.

The Arc platform unlocks quality data for your business. Tap into our API products to enhance your clients' ESG and sustainability reporting experience.

High-resolution utility data for energy and water usage

Advanced analytics for energy usage and savings

Ready to gain a new competitive advantage?

Contact us to learn how Arcadia can help you provide the ESG and sustainability reporting experience your customers desire.

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