Deliver a connected charging experience.

Arc enables automakers and charging companies to deliver connected charging solutions informed by nationwide utility and tariff data.

Trusted by leading EV & Charging companies

Demystify charging costs.

Leverage the nation’s most comprehensive tariff database and rate calculation engine to inform charge costs and decisions related to when to charge, when to store, when to sell, and which rate to choose.

Personalize and contextualize charging insights.

Connect to utility data to contextualize tariff information and options within the context of whole-home energy usage — and to support new program eligibility, enrollment, and verification.

Optimize charging, tariffs, and energy services.

Deploy Arc’s analytics to guide EV charging optimization, including schedules inclusive of time-varying rates, on-site assets, and utility or wholesale market program participation.

Power your EV charging experience with our products.

Tap into these recommended API products to boost your EV and charging solutions.

High-resolution utility data for energy and water usage

Energy rate calculation engine and tariff database

Advanced analytics for energy usage and savings

Customer story

Ford helps customers avoid peak prices when charging at home.

Learn how Ford uses Arc’s Signal product to access the world’s most comprehensive utility price database and enable new features that help their drivers save money on home charging.

Give your customers’ charging experience a boost.

Contact us to see how you can transform your customers’ charging experience with the Arc platform.

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