Solar & Storage forecasting and insights made easy.

Most solar and DER companies rely on complex processes for quote delivery and time-consuming savings estimates. Arc provides the most up-to-date utility tariff data and efficient, automated calculation of real energy costs.

Trusted by leading Solar & Storage companies

Cost-benefit analyses.

Build your own energy cost-benefit analyses for investment decisions with accurate savings insights, powered by the world’s most comprehensive and automated tariff and energy interval data. Personalize your sales quotes with high-fidelity data, including site-specific utility costs.

Detailed savings models.

Forecast the first-year and lifetime savings of your projects, all the way down to individual bill line items. Automatically handle changing and complex tariff structures, including variable rates and NEM 3.0.

Project sizing support.

Model energy costs for different solar PV install sizes, with or without storage, and dial in the right system size for your customer’s site.

Power your business with our products.

The Arc platform unlocks access to data for your Solar and Storage business. From there, tap into these recommended API products to boost your business.

Accurate solar and storage calculations, forecasts, and savings

High-resolution utility data for energy and water usage

Simplified and transparent utility bill management

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