Accurate utility data. Instantly accessible.

Tap into Arc’s high-fidelity utility data to help track, benchmark, and report accurately on carbon emissions for ESG and sustainability projects or efficiently manage energy usage. Arc unifies thousands of fragmented data sources to provide unparalleled access to utility data and consumption analytics and delivers it to organizations to streamline data management efforts and improve accuracy.

Our utility data layer powers best-in-class platforms.

Alongside our partners, we’ve built direct integrations with some of the world’s largest carbon accounting, energy management, and ESG reporting software solutions. We focus on improving the process of getting critical data into these systems automatically to ensure accuracy and reduce procedural headaches for our clients. We ensure your data is where you need it the most, and accessible at your fingertips.

Connect to our growing partner ecosystem

Access essential, timely data.

Arc aggregates historical and current data from thousands of utilities in over 50 countries to save time and resources. This automated access to monthly energy, water, and gas consumption data is essential to power accurate and consistent enterprise sustainability reporting. Plus, we provide data in real time, so you can take immediate action rather than waiting for manual quarterly reports.

Save time and money with automation.

Eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual processes. Receive cost and consumption data for Scope 1 and Scope 2 reporting in a standardized digital format that can be imported into a variety of enterprise sustainability reporting software partners in our ecosystem, or any platform you desire.

Ensure accuracy with audit-ready data

Satisfy requirements for any framework, reporting mandate, or investor relations obligation with quality data and analytics. Plus, Arc provides traceability for emissions reporting back to the original bill — and we always provide copies of that original bill via our console. Covered standards and frameworks include:

  • Upcoming SEC rules
  • Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
  • Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)
  • Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)
  • Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CRSD)

Leverage our team's expertise.

In addition to our comprehensive platform, Arcadia has a team of onboarding specialists to help with account setups, credential management, and other tailored solutions to help accelerate your return on investment.


Power your business with our products

The Arc platform unlocks quality data for your business. Tap into our API products to enhance your sustainability reporting experience.

High-resolution utility data for energy and water usage

Energy rate calculation engine and tariff database

Why accurate carbon reporting is now a baseline business requirement

Carbon reporting is in the global spotlight. Learn more about the current landscape and how to prepare for the regulatory expectations of tomorrow.


Ready to streamline your data collection & sustainability reporting processes?

Learn how to seamlessly integrate our comprehensive electricity tariff database and the industry's best rate engine into your own new energy and utility platform.

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