Unlock granular energy insights with Plug Intervals, a new offering to our utility data product

on May 30, 2024

In the energy management landscape, the quest for detailed meter readings has long been a challenge. Access to interval data from smart meters can be a fragmented experience for companies looking to understand granular usage across multiple utilities and data vendors. This type of data offers insights into how energy is being used or generated over time — allowing for better analysis, optimization, and decision-making. Interval data helps reveal usage patterns over specific time periods, identify peak demand periods, and inform opportunities to reduce energy costs or consumption.

Whether you're in the business of solar and storage modeling, seeking to size systems and identify cost savings, or you're tasked with demand response validation — intervals are a necessary partner in your analysis. Unlocking the power of granular usage data equips you with the tools you need to thrive in a rapidly evolving energy landscape.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the release of Plug Intervals, a new product in our utility data platform.

How it works:

In Plug, all customers can already add existing utility credentials to understand their energy usage data. With Plug Intervals, you’ll also be able to activate or deactivate interval collection across meters where we have a provider’s interval data available. This allows you to gain deeper usage insights down to 15-minute intervals and pinpoint areas for improvement. Plug Intervals collects up to a year of data on meter activation, and then new data on an ongoing basis — all easily available via new API endpoints.

Plus, our new offering will provide you with data available within two days of its publishing by the utility — ensuring that your organization can move faster than the pace of monthly invoices, act on timely insights, and see rapid results. 

By unlocking interval data alongside statement data, you can be sure that Plug is providing you with the easiest path to data access, leveraging existing infrastructure to help you avoid costly hardware installation for your meters.

What’s next:

As part of this beta, our Intervals offering will support select electricity utility providers across the United States. We are actively working to expand provider coverage and build additional feature offerings — such as historical refreshes, data normalization, and an integration with DataHub for a new delivery access method.

Getting started with Intervals:

For new customers who are interested in getting statement and interval data in one centralized source, contact us to learn more about how Plug Intervals can help support your energy data management needs.


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