Save with Arcadia

New York residents can save 5% on their utility bill through community solar credits.

  • Guaranteed savings on your utility bill
  • Connect your utility account to Arcadia in 2 minutes
  • No changes to your energy provider or supplier

State Approved, Savings Guaranteed

Community solar is a state-approved program. Your utility buys the energy these remote projects generate at a reduced cost and our technology helps apply these credits to your monthly statement. It’s at no extra cost to you because we benefit when we connect you to a project. 

Your Utility is Still Going to Deliver Your Electricity.

Enter your utility account login credentials so we can allocate you to a farm based on your usage. Your utility will continue to deliver energy to your home and the way you pay your bill doesn't change.

Sit Back and Relax, This is Where We Do the Work.

Once you’re signed up we reserve a spot for you in a local community solar project. When the project goes live and generates energy, you'll start seeing those bill credits on your utility bill.