Join us in the climate revolution.

Sustainability has never been this simple — whether you rent or own — you can now support and access renewable energy. It only takes two minutes to sign up; all you need is an active utility account and a payment method. Let's get started.

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How it works

Arcadia makes it easy for anyone — homeowners, renters, and businesses — to support clean energy.

  • Enter your zip code and select your power company.
  • We'll sync with your power company.

Why community solar?

Solar energy is cheap and abundant. But historically, only homeowners with the right roof, credit score, and budget could benefit from it. Community solar opens those benefits to anyone who pays a power bill. So far, though, only a handful of states have passed community solar legislation. While policy change doesn’t happen overnight, legislators are listening. The more solar champions we can bring together, the greater our chances to create meaningful change.

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Making a difference doesn’t have to be complicated.

If available in your state, you can join a solar farm to add clean energy to the power supply — and save on your power bill.

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