Solar and savings, regardless of rooftop.

Installing rooftop panels isn't the only way to go solar. Thanks to Solar United's partnership with Arcadia, more people can start saving on electricity while helping save the environment. Join our community solar program today and get $50 toward your next power bill.

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Helping you save with solar.

Community solar makes it easy for anyone - whether you rent an apartment or own a home - to save on energy costs by joining a local solar farm.

  • Sign up for $0 extra cost
  • Lower your current power bill with guaranteed solar credits
  • Add more solar energy into the power supply

No roof required.

Energy users like you can enjoy the benefits of solar power without installing their own solar panels. In this partnership with Solar United Neighbors, Arcadia makes it easy for you to enroll in a project through our online platform. Reserve your spot - and your savings - in seconds.

How community solar works.

Support renewable energy and get guaranteed savings with community solar.

Connect your utility account

Signing up is easy and costs nothing, and you can cancel anytime with no penalties.

We’ll verify your information

We’ll make sure that you qualify for community solar and confirm your account.

Your solar farm generates clean energy

Clean, carbon-free electricity from the solar farm helps power homes, businesses, and schools in Maine and Massachusetts with low-cost solar energy.

You save on your power bill

You’ll get credits on your utility bill each month for your portion of the energy the solar farm produces.