Fusebox leverages Arcadia’s automated utility data collection to unlock cost savings

Arc’s automated utility data collection seamlessly delivers this critical data to Fusebox via API to shorten the time it takes to receive a utility bill, analyze it, and resolve any issues or inefficiencies found.

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Use case:

Aggregate utility data to help customers better manage electricity, gas, and water consumption and costs.


Fusebox needs streamlined access to their customers’ utility cost and consumption data to power their utility management tools and services. Manual data collection was inefficient, error-prone, and didn’t allow them to scale. They needed an automated solution that would reduce the time it took to receive and analyze a bill so they could focus their efforts on delivering value, rather than collecting data.


Arc enables Fusebox to efficiently aggregate utility consumption and billing data from their customers. With that part of the process streamlined, it’s much easier to spot anomalies due to something like a water leak or a billing error from a utility company.


Arc’s automated utility data collection has helped Fusebox scale with less overhead and allowed their team to focus on what’s most important to them: finding usage and billing anomalies to deliver savings for their customers.

Scott Pierce
Co-Founder & Vice President, Fusebox
Having APIs that enable a flow of data from the utility company through Arcadia to our systems has driven huge efficiencies. Without this tool, we’d have to manually enter data, taking significantly more time — so this has really helped us scale without bringing on a ton of extra overhead and personnel cost.

The story:

Fusebox is a cloud-based utility management software platform with a particular specialty in helping school districts optimize their utility costs and consumption. The Fusebox team uses Arc to aggregate and analyze their customers’ utility data to find anything out of the ordinary that might be spiking costs. They also help their customers assess other savings opportunities, such as on-site solar generation. 

Before Fusebox started using Arc, the company struggled to systemize utility data collection and analysis. A lean team “copy-and-pasting” thousands of usage numbers across multiple billing statements, commodity types, and utilities was not a scalable process. 

Arc’s automated utility data collection seamlessly delivers this critical data to Fusebox via API to shorten the time it takes to receive a utility bill, analyze it, and resolve any issues or inefficiencies found. 

“We shorten that cycle of data by sometimes two weeks,” said Scott Pierce, Co-Founder & Vice President of Fusebox. “That’s a huge deal, especially if there's an issue we can attend to now rather than waiting for someone in accounts payable to eventually notice that bill."

Recently, the Fusebox team spotted an instance of abnormally high electricity usage from one of their customers. They reached out to the utility provider directly and discovered that a mistake had been made — a $7,000 mistake, to be exact. Fusebox ensured that the utility issued a credit to the customer immediately. Arc’s automation of the utility data collection process allowed Fusebox to resolve this issue before most end-users would have even received the original bill from their utility. 

Since Fusebox primarily works with school districts, which are perpetually strapped for resources, catching these costly mistakes is particularly impactful. “What's really important to us is finding those anomalies and finding those wins for our customers.” Pierce said. “Instead of spending time collecting and updating data, Arcadia gives us the ability to spend more time on analysis and QA as we're seeing the data flowing.”

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