Customer stories

We’re making it easier for businesses to create a zero-carbon future. Learn more about what our customers are building with Arc.

Backpack is a data platform for the built world that uses automated utility data collection through Arc to incorporate energy, water, and waste information into their system of record for buildings.

By utilizing data, behavioral science, and software, Sustaio provides real-time tracking and information for the everyday individual to reduce their footprint.

Arc’s addition of storage modeling to its tariff calculation tools allows Haven Energy to quickly produce accurate electricity cost savings estimates for its home battery sales proposals.

Arc’s automated utility data collection seamlessly delivers this critical data to Fusebox via API to shorten the time it takes to receive a utility bill, analyze it, and resolve any issues or inefficiencies found.

Station A is a new kind of predictive platform and clean energy marketplace that helps property owners get their buildings to net zero.

Stable Auto is on a mission to make EV charging a strong and profitable business.

Arbor is a digital energy platform that helps customers navigate the switch to renewable energy.

EVgo relies on Signal to accurately bill its customers, ensure optimal utility tariffs, and make smart decisions about future projects.

Using the accurate tariff data provided through Arc's APIs, Stem has decreased staff time spent on manual updates and increased its speed to new markets.

Ford uses Signal to enable new features that help their drivers save money on home charging.

With Plug and Bundle, Aspen Power Partners can easily and reliably validate community solar customers and streamline the billing process for its subscribers.

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