Enroll your NYSEG account at no cost to ensure you receive savings from the Arcadia community solar projects going up across upstate New York.

There are limited spots left for NYSEG electricity customers in New York to claim guaranteed savings from Arcadia’s community solar projects.

Community solar enables residential electricity customers like yourself to share in the economic and environmental benefits of solar without having to install anything on your property.

New York passed a law enabling community solar in order to facilitate more renewable energy in the state, and to provide both renters and homeowners with the economic benefit of solar. Now you are eligible to receive these benefits.

For the first time ever, Arcadia has eliminated the need for 20-year commitments, FICO scores and fees typically required of a community solar program - making this program more accessible to both renters and homeowners.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Arcadia adds your NYSEG account to the solar project.
  2. The project produces electricity that is purchased by NYSEG.
  3. You receive guaranteed savings on you share of the production.

500 spots are available in each project area, with on average only 200 spots available per at the time of writing.

Enroll at no cost or commitment today to claim your guaranteed savings and help bring more clean solar to New York.

Limited time offer: Sign up this month and receive a $50 Amazon.com Gift Card as a thank you.