Decatur partners with Arcadia to offer residents energy savings

on January 28, 2022

The City of Decatur is partnering with Arcadia to offer residents an easy way to support solar energy and save on their power bills. Through an arrangement with Buy Commercial Energy, Decatur residents can enroll in Arcadia’s community solar program and get $100 dollars plus guaranteed savings over Ameren rates of up to 10% on their monthly power bills.

Beginning last month, the City of Decatur moved all of its residents to Ameren’s default supply rate which proved more competitive than rates from any other alternate suppliers. Any customers who most recently had Homefield as their electrical supplier under the City aggregation program was returned to Ameren in December. The City does expect this change to result in a slight increase in electric supply cost. To ease the cost increase, the City is partnering with Buy Commercial Energy to give residents a chance to save money through community solar with Arcadia.

Arcadia connects Decatur residents to local solar farms so that those residents can help create clean energy for the community and save money on their power bills. Community solar programs, developed by states such as Illinois to encourage more renewable energy, provide residents (especially those who don’t own their own homes) many of the same benefits as installing solar panels on their roof — without any installation, change in utility company, or extra cost to sign up. When the solar farm generates electricity, customers get guaranteed savings back on their power bills, up to 10% on average. Additionally, new members in Decatur will also receive an extra $25 toward their power bills every month for first four months, for a total credit of $100.

“The City supports this new partnership that will reduce our residents’ electricity costs, while supporting renewable energy from solar farms beyond the City. By enrolling in this program your combined gas and electric bill will be provided through Arcadia, as opposed to Ameren, but Ameren will always continue to be your utility provider”, stated Jon Kindseth, City of Decatur Deputy City Manager. “We support this program that is both good for the environment and our resident’s household budget, but you must opt in to” he added.

For more information or to enroll in this opt in program utilize the link here.

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