Introducing Arc™ by Arcadia®: The technology platform accelerating the clean energy revolution

PR Newswire, Washington, DC
on November 17, 2021

Arcadia, the technology company empowering energy innovators and consumers to fight the climate crisis, today publicly launched Arc, a technology platform creating unprecedented access to the data and clean energy needed to decarbonize the grid. More than 35 pioneering customers are currently developing integrated end-to-end energy experiences utilizing Arc APIs. Arc's capabilities have the potential to create significant environmental benefits at scale, spurring innovation that could impact an estimated 155 million households and businesses while addressing more than 1.8 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year.*

Every major industry has digitized data to innovate — except the energy industry. To this day, the industry has been slow to embrace technological change, remaining closed and outdated. As a result, utility data is incomplete, difficult to access, and lacking consistency in the way it is organized and shared. To support the clean energy transition and the increased demand on the grid that will come with electrification, the energy system has to become smarter and transform from an analog energy network to a digitized information network. For the first time, Arc is bridging this broken system by creating a digital layer of the most comprehensive platform of energy data, analytics, billing, and optimization capabilities available. This will enable real-time visibility and control over energy usage and costs, making it possible for energy innovators to create a new class of intelligent, decarbonized, and automated energy experiences and products.

More than 35 pioneering customers, including electric vehicle manufacturers, retail energy providers, home solar and storage providers, smart device manufacturers and service providers, community solar developers, and more, are using Arc APIs to create smart and clean energy solutions. And Arcadia's recent acquisition of Genability integrates Arc's utility data collection capabilities with Genability's industry-leading utility rate engine, already in use by a number of global companies creating climate technology experiences, including Oracle, Ford, Swell, and

"Energy innovation has been blocked by fossil fuel utility monopolies for more than 130 years. We're enabling the Internet of Energy—unlocking comprehensive energy data on a nationwide scale to support the development of a decentralized, decarbonized smart grid," said Kiran Bhatraju, CEO and founder of Arcadia. "This access to data will enable energy innovators to build thoughtful and climate-conscious solutions for their end-users, from charging their EV when the grid is cleanest and cheapest to automatically finding cheaper electricity rates based on their home's energy footprint."

The foundation of Arc is Connect, a user interface that integrates with data covering more than 80% of US electric utility accounts and 125 utilities nationwide to power Arc's four flagship products:

  • Plug - Accesses customers' account-level statement, tariff and interval data to enable new, automated energy products and services.
  • Spark - Dives deep into advanced energy analytics to unlock valuable savings, optimization, automation and engagement opportunities.
  • Bundle - Unlocks the monopoly utility control of the energy bill, streamlining multiple energy provider charges into a single, branded statement, while enabling seamless payment remittance.
  • Source - Connects every business, product or service directly to renewable energy sources like Arcadia's community solar programs.

Arc is built on a foundation nearly a decade in the making. In 2014, Arcadia set out to make clean energy an easy choice for anyone who pays a power bill. Since then, the company has onboarded more than 700,000 utility accounts to its platform, processed more than $470 million in residential utility bill payments, and connected more than 3.7 billion kilowatt-hours of clean energy. Arc uses that battle-tested technology to give energy innovators and businesses the products and data access to unlock new solutions in the climate fight.

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