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Arcadia is a free service that connects you to clean energy and save on your power bills. Sign up using this referral link and you and name will earn $10.

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Finally, an easy way to connect to clean energy.

Lower rates, wind energy, tools for cutting costs - we are your connection to clean energy and savings. All you have to do is create a free account.

Your utility will continue to deliver energy to your home while we match your energy usage with clean energy from wind projects and find ways to save you money.

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Take one minute to connect your utility account to Arcadia and sign up to pay your bill through our secure platform. We never charge credit card transaction fees, so you can earn points when you pay your utility bill.

We do the work

We match your energy usage with clean energy from wind farms and let you know when we find ways you can save money, all at no cost.

Sit back and relax

Each month your utility sends your bill straight to us. We apply clean energy and any savings credits from your Arcadia account and send you one consolidated statement.

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