Embed clean
energy directly
into your
offering, with ease.

Stand out by giving your customers a way to help clean up the power grid. Expand your product or service to include direct access to the clean energy benefits and bill savings from community solar programs, as well as renewable energy certificates (RECs). 

Now it's easy to...

Commit to
cleaner energy

Give your customers the power to join the climate fight, make their energy supply cleaner, and support renewable energy development by allowing them to add RECs or join a local solar farm as part of your service agreement.

Make switching

Make an easy choice even easier by allowing your customers to connect to clean energy sources without changing anything about their experience. They can keep their current energy provider and existing billing. Our technology handles everything behind the scenes.

Stand up and
stand out

Differentiate your business by offering your customers a frictionless way to clean up the power supply. Use Arcadia’s access to clean energy options to integrate the opportunity directly into the experience you provide and add value to your offer.


kWh of clean energy connected

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    "Why utility data is the key to breaking the fossil fuel monopoly"

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