Detailed tariff data & calculations, all in one place.

With a comprehensive tariff database and industry-leading calculation engine, Signal provides the building blocks to build your own energy cost-benefit analysis, derived data sets, bill audit models, and much more.

Product features

Harness the power of advanced energy analytics with Signal.

Tap into the most powerful energy rate engine

Signal models electricity costs for your customers across residential and commercial applications. It comprehensively captures tariff structure and combines that with usage data to enable accurate calculations across geographic regions and utilities.

Access transparent and extensive data

Signal collects, models, and maintains rates across 25K+ North American tariffs with automatic tracking and aggregation of all rate changes. This extensive tariff database helps you show customers what they pay, and how much they could save with your solution.

Generate accurate analyses for confident decisions

Signal APIs accurately calculate the cost of every energy usage scenario against North American tariffs, enabling you to easily model the cost of any energy usage scenario and lower costs.

Trusted by leaders from every industry.

Businesses that depend on nuanced, in-depth tariff data choose Signal to bring maximum value to their customers.

Identify game-changing energy efficiency and savings opportunities.

Deliver connected charging solutions with nationwide utility and tariff data.

Optimize with up-to-date utility data and accurate energy cost insights.


tariff line items


tariffs, covered from 2K+ utilities

Customer story

EVgo conquers the complexity of bill accuracy

Learn how EVgo — a leading provider of electric vehicle fast-charging infrastructure — uses Signal to save money and staff time, ensure correct billing, and increase effectiveness in analyzing potential charging installations.

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