A perk for our planet

Ares is partnering with Arcadia to make it easy to power your home with renewable energy from local solar farms.

A modern energy experience in two minutes

Two-minute sign-up, excellent customer service, no installation, cancel at any time, and no interruption in service

A shared mission

Ares is committed to sustainability, and part of that is making renewable energy available to employees. And that's where Arcadia comes in.

Renters and homeowners, join a local solar farm for no extra cost and get guaranteed savings on your power bill. Two minutes is all you need to make solar your superpower.

Employees in CO, DC, DE, IL, MA, MD, ME, NJ, NY, and RI are eligible to sign up for Arcadia’s community solar program.

As an additional bonus, employees will receive $100 Arcadia bill credit just for signing up.

Minimize your carbon footprint by averting fossil fuels.

Still have questions?

If you ever need advice or want to learn more, you can always call, email, or chat with one of our helpful energy experts.

Bringing renewable power to the people.

Arcadia is making it easy and affordable to power every home in our country with wind or solar energy. Our goal is to stabilize the climate by accelerating America’s transition to clean, renewable energy.

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