15 Things You Can Make from Recycled Materials

on August 21, 2017

Recycling is extremely important - not just for reducing waste, but for creating hundreds of new, more sustainable products. Here are 15 items that you can make from recycled materials.


You can make a bird feeder out of a plastic jar. All you need is one jar, a piece around wood that is a few inches long, some string, and waterproof glue. You can get the full instructions right here at the Runnerduck website.

Paint Cups

If you have kids that love to paint, or if you enjoy doing it yourself, don't throw away your old yogurt cups. Instead, rinse some out and use them as paint containers. There are many things you could use yogurt cups for according to the Vintage Mom website, like scoops for your dog or cat food, or as crayon holders for your kids.

Cutlery Holders

People use aluminum cans from canned foods for many things. One idea is from Home D-Zine. They take six cans, attach a handle to them, label each one of the cans for spoons, forks, and knives, and created attractive cutlery holders.

First Aid Kits

You can use put your old containers to good use. The Disney Baby website showed how you can turn yours into a first aid kit that's portable enough to stick in any diaper bag. There are also other ideas, such as a travel earring carry kit.

Ice Scoop

Instead of tossing out your next half gallon milk carton, make good use of it. It's very easy to make an ice scoop, or any other kind of scoop, with an old carton. All you really need is to view the picture, get some scissors and cut precisely.

Coin Bank

Make a cute piggy bank out of an old milk jug. All you need is a milk jug, markers, construction paper, a few buttons, some scissors, and a little bit of time. The Clubhouse Magazine website shows exactly how to do it.

Bagel Sandwich Holder

Compact discs are much less frequently used. One idea of how to use an old CD carrying case is to make it into a bagel sandwich holder. On the WonderHowTo website, they teach you how to do so with a regular case.

Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper rolls are thrown away immediately after the toilet paper has run out. However, they are perfect for starting a fire. All you have to do is put lint from the dryer in them, store them by your grill or with your camping equipment, and they'll be ready to go when you need them.

Food Containers

If you buy food in large portions or you frequently have plastic containers from ordering out, wash and save them. Instead of dirtying up new dishes when you have leftovers, save them food storage containers.

Candle Holders

Candle holders are one of the most popular things to make out of old wine bottles. Some people simply place a candle stick in the top of their old wine bottle. Others make entire projects out of wine bottles, and add oil to the bottle, making the bottle into a lantern for in or outdoors.

Windows Cleaner

When cleaning windows, you will leave fewer streaks when using newspaper instead of a regular towel.

Plastic Grocery Bags for Everything

It is important to keep all of your plastic grocery bags that you get from the store. You can use them as trash bags for small trash cans, or to pick up a pet's waste.

An Outdoor Swing

If you don't have old sturdy tires around the house, you can find one at any tire shop or garage. All you need is a strong tree in your yard with a lot of space to swing, a few u-bolts, chains and rope. Your tire swing will be up in no time.

Packing Material

If you do a lot of traveling, or if you have a trip coming up, you could use some of those old cardboard boxes for padding material for delicate items. Bubble wrap is also a useful material. If you can try to save it, it can be used as great packing material for precious items when traveling, too.

Business Card Holder

Empty cigarette boxes can be used for business cards, or maybe just as a change container for coins you'll use on the bus, trolley or for toll fares.