Releasing our second annual Corporate Responsibility Report

on July 11, 2024

For the second consecutive year, we’re publishing our corporate responsibility report, structured around our company values: build for simplicity, build for all, build with urgency, build together, and build for good.

We often get asked why we publish these reports. While larger corporations are increasingly expected to provide insights into non-financial structure and data, these expectations don't yet extend to companies of our size. However, as a mission-driven company, we (along with our stakeholders) recognize the importance of “walking the walk” and committing ourselves to transparency and accountability by releasing this report every year.

Explore the full report

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For smaller, private companies like us, reporting offers the chance to lay the groundwork for a robust corporate sustainability program and efficient, accurate reporting before facing the greater scrutiny that comes with growth. It allows us to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses and to identify areas for future reporting that we may not yet be fully prepared for.

Starting this process at an early stage also allows for creativity and innovation. By establishing a framework for tracking non-financial metrics that’s authentic to our company and our values, we’re hoping to build a program and a report that stands out. When assembling our inaugural report last year, we found that a traditional "Environmental, Social, Governance" structure didn't effectively convey our story. Anchoring our debut report to our values enabled us to address all our material areas and establish a consistent report structure for year-over-year comparisons. With that in mind, we’re proud to share that in 2023 we: 

  • Reduced our overall GHG footprint by over 2% by revenue intensity
  • Grew our community solar capacity under subscription management to exceed 2 GW
  • Increased our low- to moderate-income customer base from 14% to 20+%
  • Introduced diversity metrics around age
  • Implemented a vendor code of conduct

And much more — we encourage you to download the full report here.

We’re also excited to share that we were able to leverage our own tools to assist in automating data collection and validation for the report. Using our Plug product and its DataHub capabilities, we analyzed our employees’ work-from-home emissions. And we leveraged the intelligent baselining feature of our Signal product to analyze office emissions. You can learn more details about this process in the report.

Reporting at this stage is an act of transparency — not because it’s required, but because investors, employees, and customers deserve it. As transparency becomes the norm for companies of all sizes, these types of personalized reports will pave the way for a new era of reporting. We’re excited to once again share a corporate responsibility report that is true to us.