We’ve made it easier than ever to take climate action that matters

on September 20, 2021

If you’re reading this blog post, there’s a good chance that you care about the climate fight. You’re probably trying to figure out how you can make the biggest impact. There are so many options out there — donating to organizations working on the front lines, making changes to reduce your carbon footprint at home (may we suggest connecting to clean energy?), volunteering with bigger campaigns.

Those are all phenomenal options. But don’t overlook one of our most effective tools: government policy. Yes, really. Richard Caperton, our VP of Policy and Market Development, explains more in this video.

Introducing new advocacy tools for members

Richard’s right — if extreme weather events and dire reports were enough, the government would have taken action on the climate crisis decades ago. But they’re not. Representatives need to hear from their constituents that climate action is a priority.

That’s why we’ve introduced new tools to make it easier than ever for our members to do just that. Now, you can email your state representatives right from your Arcadia dashboard to let them know that you support expanding access to community solar.

Why community solar? Because it’s the easiest, most effective way to connect the most people — including people who can’t install rooftop solar panels or who rent their homes — to clean energy. And that’s what we’re all about at Arcadia.

If there’s an active community solar bill in your state

We’ll send you an email whenever there’s an active community solar bill in your state legislature, whether it’s to expand an existing community solar program or to bring one to your state for the first time. That email will take you to your dashboard, where you can look up your representatives and send them an email asking them to support the bill — all from your dashboard.

To make it even easier, we’ll start the email for you. You can send it as is or customize it as much as you’d like. Then, just hit send. We’ll keep track of the bill and let you know what happens to it during the legislative session.

If there’s no active community solar bill in your state

Unfortunately, not all states are considering community solar bills. But you can contact your representatives anyway! If your state doesn’t already have a community solar program, you can send an email to your representatives to let them know that you’d like a program and why. We’ve drafted an email for you — you can send it as is or personalize it as much as you’d like.

It really is that easy. And the best part? You can share our advocacy hub with friends and family so that they can email their representatives, too.

We’re not going to solve the climate crisis without government action, which is why we want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to contact their representatives. Your voice matters — we’re here to help you use it.