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As renters who have moved twice in the past two years, Arcadia has empowered us to support (and benefit from) a solar installation independent of our home.

Arlo, Becca, & Ronia

I love that Arcadia helps me use 100% clean energy to power our home. Signing up was easy!


We really appreciate the online portal where we can see everything that we’re saving by choosing to use Arcadia.


I subscribed to Arcadia’s Solar Co-op program and have bought 10 panels, and they’ve been returning 30 to 90 dollars every month. The payback period will be around 6 years (or less) – better than any of the local solar contractors were promising.


Thanks to Arcadia and their innovative businesses model, I can finally take part in the clean energy movement. Currently, they are small ripples in a big pond. But with enough members, they will help mitigate carbon-emitting energy plants over time. Please pay it forward.


Justin and I have been using this for a few months now and I love it. Gets you a few dollars off your first bill, everything else stays the same. It’s a simple, free way to help use clean energy.

North Carolina

Thank you Arcadia for helping my family save $ while promoting clean renewable energy in a state with a long history of coal fired power plants.

West Virginia

Guys I signed up for this. I’m making a difference & it doesn’t cost anything extra! Support clean energy! Whether you rent or own, clean energy is now available for everyone.

New York
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Arcadia makes it easy to enroll in clean energy and savings programs.
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