How your power bill gets turned into clean energy

on March 7, 2022

Arcadia makes it easy for you to turn your power bill into clean energy. It’s not magic (we wish!). Instead, we do it through community solar.

In community solar, you get credit for producing solar power when the solar panels are in a local solar farm rather than on your property. It makes solar power simpler and accessible to the millions of people who can’t have rooftop solar panels.

The economics of community solar, explained

When you join community solar through Arcadia, we match you with a local solar farm — you’ll get all the info about your farm in your dashboard. From that point on, part of your power bill gets repurposed to go to your community solar farm. The farm produces electricity, which means two things for you:

  • First, you get credit in the form of savings on your power bill. Even though the panels aren’t on your roof or in your yard, you still get credit for the electricity they produce.
  • Second, you’re helping put the clean energy from your solar farm into the power supply for local homes and businesses to use. More clean energy means less energy from fossil fuels, which means less carbon dioxide and other pollution being released into our atmosphere. It’s one of the most direct ways you can help clean up your local energy grid.

Don’t worry if all that sounds complicated. We take care of all the work for you, so you just get one simple statement that combines your power bill and your solar credits.

See if community solar is available in your area

What your bill looks like with community solar

Let’s say that you’re an Arcadia member living in Washington, DC. You get your power from PEPCO,* and you’re part of a local solar farm. This is what your statement would look like:

Now that we think about it, maybe community solar is a kind of magic.

*Arcadia is a service provider independent of PEPCO DC and is committed to putting you and the planet first. Arcadia is not affiliated with PEPCO DC and PEPCO DC has not approved this product.

See if community solar is available in your area

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