Precise savings calculations for long-term energy decisions.

Switch is the trusted tool for accurate energy cost simulations and savings modeling for solar and storage proposals.

Product features

Tap into our trusted tool for energy cost and savings simulations.

Boost sales and pipeline velocity

Powered by the industry’s most comprehensive electricity tariff engine, Switch automates complex solar cost-benefit analysis so you can instantly share reliable quotes, accelerate proposal delivery, and close more deals.

Earn long-term customer trust

Switch automatically manages solar eligibility, net metering rules, and time-of-day pricing — so you can deliver accurate first-year and lifetime cost and savings estimates to your customer.

Take comfort in third-party verification

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) independently reviewed Switch’s solar cost forecasting capabilities and confirmed 99.5% accuracy — so your calculations represent real forecasts and savings.


utility data coverage across the US


tariff line items


accuracy with actual bill amounts when modeling expenses

Use case guide

Increase sales velocity with automation and utility data

Solar and storage companies have a huge opportunity to leverage direct utility data to reduce friction and accelerate sales with the Arc platform.

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