Advanced analytics for energy usage and savings.

Deliver ongoing customer value through extended features like energy analytics, smart scheduling recommendations, and automated optimizations for EVs and smart devices.

Product features

With Spark, your products get smarter

Maximize customer savings

With Spark’s energy analytics and tariff optimization capabilities, you can automate complex cost calculations and ensure your customers are on the best tariff possible.

Model accurate cost scenarios

Spark’s offering responds to unique time-of-use patterns to accurately model costs and suggest the most optimal scenario for tariff and usage.

Optimize energy usage and EV charging

Spark provides ongoing usage monitoring, charge scheduling recommendations, and more. These features help businesses improve operations and create post-purchase customer engagement and value.

Built for your business.

See how various industries use Spark to develop new offerings that create ongoing value and cost savings for their end users.

Deliver connected charging solutions with nationwide utility and tariff data.

Identify game-changing energy efficiency and savings opportunities.

Reduce green building adoption costs and improve energy consumption.


tariff line items


tariffs covered, including every rate structure

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