Ensuring that everyone can enjoy our products is the only way to achieve our mission - making 100% renewable energy accessible for all.

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Build for all

We're here to make clean energy an easy option for everyone, regardless of where you live, whether you rent or own your home, or how you access our services. Making sure that all users can access renewable energy starts with making sure that all users can access our website. That's why we're committed to ensuring all of our user-facing apps are as accessible as possible.

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Accessible and inclusive designs benefit all users. If the format of our website or applications interferes with your ability to use our service, or if you have any other feedback or questions about the accessibility of our applications, please email us at

So that we can be as responsive as possible, please include the following in your email:

  • The nature of the accessibility issue(s)
  • Any specific page(s) where you are encountering difficulty
  • Your contact information