How it works

Create an account. We’ll do the rest.

Setting up your free account takes two minutes. Simply link your utility account to our platform to get started.

Connecting you to clean energy.

We connect you to local community solar projects and purchase renewable energy certificates from wind farms on your behalf.

Looking for better rates.

We actively track the market and negotiate lower electricity rates so you can spend less on your utility bill.

Cleaning up your bill.

Your utility sends us your electricity bill instead. You’ll know what your utility charge is, how much you’ve saved, and how much clean energy you’ve helped generate. No changes to your energy service, just a more sustainable bill — and no credit card fees.

Community impact

We’re all in this together.

We serve everyone, nationwide.

As our community grows, your impact and savings grow along with us. With more demand, we can find lower prices in the market, and help build new wind and solar projects.


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