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Save on your energy bill with community solar

Why solar?

Solar savings without the hassle

Solar energy is the most abundant energy resource on the planet, but it’s hard to come by. Only 10% of Americans are eligible for rooftop solar due to its high cost and strict requirements. We’ve broken down these barriers because we believe everyone should benefit from solar power and the savings that come with it.

Connect to solar
— How it works

Instead of a few panels on one roof, Community Solar benefits the whole neighborhood.

We partner with solar developers to connect community members like you to projects in your area. You’ll save on your power bill every month and clean energy will flow into your local power grid.

Why solar = savings

Solar is less expensive than fossil fuels. When Community Solar projects produce energy, utilities buy it in exchange for savings credits. You receive a portion of these savings for being connected to the project, lowering your power bill up to 5%. We also receive a portion for connecting you.

  • Sign up in minutes
  • No credit checks
  • No installation costs
  • No cancellation fees
  • Excellent customer service
Let’s get started
Step 1
Connect your utility
Once you’ve connected your utility and billing info, we’ll reserve you a spot in a local project.
Step 2
The sun gets to work
When your project goes live, we’ll apply a portion of the savings credits to your monthly bill.
Step 3
Track and save
You’ll save money on your electricity bill and increase clean solar energy in your area.
Step 4
Spread the word
Invite your friends to join Arcadia and earn up to $25 off your next bill.

Every member matters

Arcadia members across the country are driving demand for clean energy.

We really appreciate the online portal where we can see everything that we're saving by choosing to use Arcadia.
I love being part of Arcadia's programs. I feel good knowing that wind and solar providers are being supported and that my energy needs are coming from these sustainable sources.
I love how Arcadia Community Solar democratizes solar ownership. It feels great to be using 100% renewable energy at home! Signing up was super simple!

Explore our solar community

We currently partner with solar developers in five states across the country.
Rhode Island projects: 4
Project spotlight:
Goat Island in Burrillville, Rhode Island

3.307 MW



homes powered
DC projects: 8
Project spotlight:
Mt. Olivet in Washington, DC


Homes powered
New York projects: 13
Project spotlight:
Hollygrove in Redcreek, New York

3,100 kW



Homes powered
Illinois projects: 14
Project spotlight:
Whiteside in Fulton, Illinois

2,700 kw



Homes powered
Maryland projects: 5
Project spotlight:
Kingsville in Kingsville, Maryland

2,963 kW



Homes powered


What is Community Solar?

In certain states, community solar projects are able to produce electricity and deliver it to the grid to reduce reliance on other sources of energy including fossil fuels.

How do Arcadia members participate?

When community solar projects begin producing solar energy, subscribers to those projects acquire credits that can be applied to utility bills. Arcadia members who are eligible to receive credits are connected to these projects and receive a portion of these credits on their power bill, every month.

How do I know if I am eligible?

Eligibility is typically limited to customers who receive their power from a certain utility, and may require other qualifications such as certain rate classes or usage thresholds. When you connect your utility bill to Arcadia, we will automatically check whether you are eligible to subscribe to purchase credits from a community solar project we work with that will reduce your power bill.

Why will it reduce my power bill?

Our relationship with solar developers means that you are provided the bill credits at a cost that is less than the amount by which they reduce your utility bill.

Does this cost me anything?

No. We do not charge you for this service.

If it is free, why are you doing it?

Solar developers pay us for every customer we connect. They only make money if they can find customers to subscribe to their project and receive the bill credits.

What happens if I am eligible?

We will send you an agreement to review and, if you don’t opt out, we automatically subscribe you.

If I am eligible, do I have to subscribe?

No. We will always provide you notice by email before switching you and you can opt-out of the enrollment if you choose.

What happens if I don’t opt out?

We will automatically enroll you and take care of the necessary paperwork on your behalf. You don’t need to do anything.

What happens if I don’t like the subscription?

No problem! We only allow agreements that ensure that you can cancel at anytime with no termination fees. In some cases, cancellation can take several months to be processed by the utility so there may be a delay between when you notify us to cancel and when your account can be closed.

If I cancel the subscription, will it affect my Arcadia account in any other way?

No. All of our products are independent. The only requirement is that community solar is only available to our bill pay customers.

Can I participate in a community solar project that does not have a relationship with Arcadia?

Of course. While we only work with certain developers, you can subscribe on your own to a community solar project and reduce your utility bill. If you do that, Arcadia will not subscribe you to a community solar project.